About the artists: Sophia Dacy-Cole found her academic sea-legs in the queer activist scenes of Melbourne Australia, she is an MFA graduate and artist-in-residence at the SenseLab. She works at the intersection of affect philosophy, sculpture and activism. She is currently interested in the way that the process of trauma constitute the material and political reality of the global north.  www.sophiadacycole.com Breanna Shanahan, currently enrolled at Concordia University MFA program is a sculptor whose practice revolves around people. Through processes of material and technical exploration she attempts to create sculptural metaphors of human interaction.www.breanna.shanahan.live Matt Ng’s is a graduate from the MFA program at Concordia. His current research engages with what he calls the poetics of obsolescence which looms over the relics of industrialization in the face of the digital and adaptive technological age. All three artists share a passion for how the body is mediated in materiality and are based in Montreal, Canadahttps://www.matthew-ng.net