Art Address is curating and hosting the fourth iteration of DRAFTS, an exhibition-based project helmed by The University of Boras research lab in Sweden, called Body and Space Research Lab. The DRAFTS project invites researchers, artists and designers to discuss the role of artifacts within disciplines such as fashion, textile, visual arts and interaction design inviting international partners. They have previously partnered with the University of Berlin, Molėtai Region Museum, Lithuania and Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design. For the next iteration Art Address is invited to co-curate and present. The exhibition will first be hosted in Oakville, April 2023 before traveling to Sweden, presented at the Textile Museum of Boras in December 2023 until February 2024.

The exhibition will feature an amalgamation of six artists from Sweden and four Ontario artists, creating a synergic space for these multigenerational artists to explore the relationship between objects as artifacts, their bodies, and the spaces they occupy. The exhibition uses empirical artistic expressions and functional aesthetic ideas to examine the role of objects and materiality in cultural sociology, the relation between bodily perception and space, and how it affects people’s experience of art when encountered in an unconventional setting. The relationship between body and space is interdependent and intertwined as they constantly affect, shape and impress on one another.