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corridor: a passage in a house from which doors lead into rooms.


In the Corridor at Art Address, artists share their work to receive opinions, reactions, or feedback of peers in a relaxed environment. It may be to just understand the perception of the perceptive others about one’s work-in-progress, or gather ideas to make new progress altogether.  Whether a student, or a mid career professional, the presenting artists will be able to find ways to advance the development of their work with the intellectual support of the participating art community.


The Corridor sessions will be private and not open to public.

dining room: a room meant for consuming food.


An artist will serve dinner to a small group of guests in the Dining Room at Art Address. This is a social experience in which the artist preparing and hosting the dinner is able to express and connect with the community through food. For the guests, it is an opportunity to get to know an artist personally in an intimate setting. 


Eating together over a home-cooked meal is an experience satisfying not only for the body, but also for the soul. Come for the interesting conversations, enlightening exchanges, organic socializing – and the delicious food. 

studio: a room where an artist works.


In our Studio at Art Address, artists are invited to create, perform, and experiment with an interested audience to watch the artist at work. The Studio sessions hosts multimedia artists, programmers and musicians, with their gadgets, projectors, video gear, and music instruments – to transform their art into a live, interactive performance. 

neighbourhood: the area surrounding a particular place, person, or object.


This is an opportunity for artists to walk together around the Neighbourhood and explore the inspiring beauty of nature and its interaction with society. Bring your walking shoes, audio recorders and sketchbooks along. 

courtyard: an unroofed open space surrounded by the house.


Sometimes artists need to separate themselves from work, in order to be able to work. 


In our Courtyard, members of the art and artist community can do just that under the open skies. They can hangout in our backyard and engage in organized shared activities like reading, knitting, singing, storytelling, or playing social games. 

sunroom: a room designed to allow in a lot of sunlight.


Warmth, colour and inspirations can be found in our Sunroom during the coldest, darkest months.


During the winter season, Art Address hosts a series of short indoor art workshops. These workshops are led by different artists and focus on unique themes and mediums. 

We would love to know about you. Let us know if you are interested to know more about our programming.



A Temporary Public Art Project by the Town of Oakville

‘Hope Is the Thing with Feathers’


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the face mask has become the symbol of the pandemic. Obligatory in many countries, the mask has now become part of our daily lives for over a year.


On one hand it represents the hardships, separation, distance and restriction, but at the same time it is also a symbol of survival, care, resilience and protection. It can be rightfully said that this simple, inexpensive object has become a powerful image and representation of our collective experience.


For this project, I invited the community, residents of Oakville and beyond, to collaborate by sending their used masks to be added in the artwork, and also personal narratives that they wanted to share with others, reflecting on their experience during the pandemic, the challenges, and how they coped.


The project celebrates the spirit of community building and our unquestionable strength in coming together in difficult times. The artwork is uplifting, inspiring, and like Emily Dickinson’s poem, ‘Hope Is the Thing with Feathers’, portrays that hope lives within us all, which we need to nurture, value and never let go, no matter how hard the times get.

Tazeen Qayyum

Tazeen Qayyum (b.73) is a contemporary artist living and working in Oakville. She received her BFA in Visual Arts from the National College of Arts Lahore, Pakistan in 1996. Her work has received several critical reviews including in The Canadian Art (2018), The New York Times (2009) and The Globe and Mail, Canada (2011&2015). She was nominated for the Jameel Prize (2013) and K.M. Hunter Award (2014), and received the Excellence in Art Award 2015 by the CCAI (Canadian Community Arts Initiative). Her work has been exhibited around the world and is part of several important public collections.